Carthage hospital trust money to help feed senior citizens

CARTHAGE, Mo. - The City of Carthage sold McCune Brooks Hospital to Mercy for $20-million a few years ago. That money went into a trust. Now, those behind the trust are donating $10,000 to the Carthage Senior Center. This will help the center serve thousands of meals to residents. These meals will not only be served at the senior center, but also the Meals on Wheels Program.

"Homebound meal program and that's folks that can't get out for a meal, they can't cook, they can't get out and buy groceries. You know, they are truly homebound. So we deliver a meal, at least one meal, if not two, everyday for those folks. And so once again, even with budget cuts, this money will be able to allow us to serve more meals to more people," said Stan Heater, Chief Executive Officer of the Area Agency on Aging.

The Carthage Senior Center serves about 150 meals a day, that includes at the center and homebound meals.

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