Carterville Mother Speaks Out After Bullying Incident Sends Her Son to the Hospital

Published 04/04 2014 06:03PM

Updated 04/04 2014 07:36PM

CARTERVILLE, MO.--- A Carterville mother is speaking out after a bullying incident sends her son to the hospital. Anita Demery says bullying towards her son Brett has been going on severely for the last three months.

"This wasn't just bullying, it was a beat down. It is assault," said Anita Demery, Mother of Victim to Bullying.  

Anita Demery recalls the incident that sent her son Brett to the hospital.

"He came from behind, grabbed Brett. Instantly when he hit pavement, he was out cold," said Demery. 

It happened last Thursday at the bus stop, just down the street from her house.

"I can't remember much, but I remember I was standing at the bus stop kicking rocks like I usually do," said Brett Demery, Bullying Victim. 

The incident left Brett with a severe concussion, broken arm, wrist and more.

"My jaw is broken completely through here, but not just broken, the doctor says it's shattered and my bone socket is also shattered," said Brett. 

Brett says this isn't the first time he's been harassed.

"They want to date my sister, but my mom says no and they think it's my fault," said Brett. 

Anita says the school district should take more action when it comes to bullying.

"It's been going on severely for the last three months. It wasn't an isolated account. It was the first time he was physically attacked," said Anita. 

The Webb City superintendent says the district has a bullying policy in place.

"Whether it happens at the bus stop or whether it happens at school, we take those things into consideration. When any type of consequence is to be levied, we follow our policies and procedures," said Dr. Anthony Rossetti, Webb City School District Superintendent. 

He says that policy is something teachers work on each day.

"We work every day to try and overcome when kids are not nice to one another. When they take it to an extreme degree, we especially want to respond in a very authoritative way," said Dr. Rossetti.

Anita says her son is a straight "A" student who enjoys school, but he's at home recovering.

"I'm angry," said Anita. 

She hopes this incident will make parents watch their kids closer.

"Not just the victims, but the bullies. They've really got to be stopped and it needs to start with the parents," said Anita. 

The superintendent says this matter is a school discipline issue. The school district can't disclose what their response has been due to rights of privacy.

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