Carl Junction gets new emergency notification system

Police in a Southwest Missouri town have a new digital option to warn residents when there's an emergency.

It's a high tech warning the next time there's a storm, active crime situation or other emergency. So for Carl Junction residents, there's a brand new digital notification offered by local police.

"Back in the day people might have had a radio,” says CJ Officer Doug Dickey.

Carl Junction Patrolman Doug Dickey adds at one point, a storm warning came from an officer on patrol.

"Would literally drive down the street with his loudspeaker on warning people that we were under tornado warning and take cover,” says Dickey.

Now CJ police can pass on a warning just seconds after they find out. It's the Nixle notification system - pushing emergencies out to your cell phone, e-mail address or even a landline.

"We can actually do a voice call to your house,” says Chief Delmar Haase.

The system contacts any resident who signs up for the service. Severe weather tops the list of warnings CJ police expect to issue, but it doesn't stop there.

"We have a train track through town, maybe if there's an incident or emergency we can use it. We can maybe use it in other situations where there's going to be a roadblock, water shut off in a neighborhood, or some kind of utility work. There's a crash where roads are blocked we can let people know,” says Chief Haase.

A grant from the Jasper County Law Enforcement Sales Tax is helping to pay for the first year's fees.

"Been looking a long time. Would have been a pinch in our budget but allowed us to get this system - to get it up and operating,” says Chief Haase.

Signing up is pretty straight forward. Enter your name, address and phone number at the website and pick how you prefer to be contacted. We’ve posted the link for it here.

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