Carl Junction Committee Looks For Alternative Ways for Tethering Dogs

(Carl Junction, MO) -- Some local residents may soon have to find a new way to keep their dogs from roaming free.

Rodney Spellman loves his dog. He says when he tethers hercules, it's not a case of neglect.

"That's the way I know I'll keep a hold of him because he's gone through about 6 or 7 chains," dog owner Rodney Spellman says.

This husky lives up to his name. He has some serious strength. The Spellmans have tried to keep him indoors, but he tears their home apart.

"He just has to stay on the chain like I said," Spellman says. "He gets plenty of exercise. He just goes around the circle when he wants to turn and seems like he's healthy and enjoys being there."

A recent complaint by a resident about his neighbor's dog, led the Carl Junction Codes and Nuisance Committee to look for ways to make the community safer for both for residents and dogs.

"The committee members felt that tethering a dog whether by chain or cable was cruel to have them spend their life," Carl Junction mayor Mike Morris says.

The committee is researching other cities' ordinances. The council wants to know what residents think.

"You don't want to take people's rights completely way," Mayor Morris says.

The committee plans to review recommendations and discuss them at next month's city council meeting.

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