Brad's Beat: The Real Patch Adams

MIAMI, OK.---Not many doctors bring a ukulele to the hospital, but this is no ordinary doctor. Dr. John Glick visited NEO A&M College to talk to kids interested in going into the health care field. He says laughter literally heals.

"Enhance the immune system and enhance wound healing, shortens hospital stays. There's no study that shows seriousness has any health benefit at all," states Dr.Glick.

He is partners in crime with Patch Adams who founded the Gesdudheit Institute.
Their goal is to provide free care, and that patients are their friends, not just another customer.
"Patients care for us in so many ways. When that relationship, that symbiotic relationship works in such a way, the doctor gets just as much out of the interaction than just money," states Dr. Glick.

Debbie Morgan is the director of nursing at NEO and she brought Dr.Glick to the college.
She says it teaches the students to look at health care in a different light.

"There can be a bit of fun in whatever career path you choose. You have to find passion and joy in it. Be who you are," states Morgan.
Dr. Glick has been traveling around the world for nearly 40 years with his fellow clowns.

"The great thing about traveling with a bunch of clowns is, it's rare when the clowns are in a bad mood at one time."

Don't ask him about the Robin Williams movie, he says they got a lot wrong.
"The first script was worse than this one, but what we did like about it, it captures the animated spirit of what we do and bring joy and give people a way of having fun while being confined to a bed."

There are plans to open a hospital in West Virginia and they will call it the first "Fun Hospital."

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