Brad's Beat: Last minute shoppers

The annual meeting of procrastinators was held at the Northpark Mall in Joplin.

JOPLIN, Mo. - Among the man shoppers, we talked to Logan Long and his friend, Matt Hennelly. Logan is shopping for his mother and Matt is shopping for his girlfriend. The two say they like the challenge of waiting until the last minute. Also, they both have trouble hiding gifts, so it's best to only have the gifts in the house for a few hours. The guys also say they've had experience in what not to buy the ladies. 
"Sports gear, they definitely won't take that. They'll probably think that's for me," said Matt Hennelly, shopping for girlfriend.
"You can't get them football tickets. They don't want that. They say give them back, I'm like 'oh, it's not returnable. I'll just keep them,'" said Logan Long, shopping for mom.
"What they want is a puppy. Another one and I've got four of them already, she wants another one," said Hennelly. 
Unfortunately, the mall closed at 6 p.m. Thursday night. So if you wanted to pick up something last minute, you are out of luck. 

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