Brad's Beat: Crowder College Transport Training Class

By Brad Douglas

Published 08/29 2013 04:54PM

Updated 08/29 2013 07:50PM

NEOSHO, MO.- One of the most popular classes at Crowder College requires getting out of the classroom and behind the wheel. Since the 1980's, Crowder has offered a transport training class. Students spend 5 weeks learning the in's and out's of driving an 18 wheel vehicle. They spend 200 hours training before they are ready to get on the road. Some of the students say they wish people who drove cars had that much training because they've seen some crazy things on the road. 

"People on cell phones and no hands on the wheel. If you have your hand hanging out the window, talking on the phone and steering with your knee, you can't do that with a truck," said Valerie Rangel, New Truck Driver. 

If you are interested in signing up for the program, you can call 1-800-541-2891 for more information. 

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