Brad's Beat: Webb City Farmers Market Bell Ringer

WEBB CITY, MO.--- A Webb City man is as popular as a rock star at the farmers market. Every Friday, Nicky Otts rings the bell to start the farmers market. He's been doing this for the past 2 years.

He is mentally disabled and autistic. However, he doesn't let that stop him from doing things he loves. In fact, when he enters the market, he's greeted with hugs and high fives. Otts says there is a trick to ringing the bell.

"Practice makes perfect," said Nicky Otts, Rock Start of Webb City Farmers Market.

"Well lets face it, we all have challenges and we all have challenging lives. If Nicky can be so positive all the time with the challenges he deals with, we can do no less," said Eileen Nichols, Webb City Farmers Market.

Otts says he looks forward to the job every week.

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