Brad's Beat: The Golden Paw Pet Rescue

JOPLIN, MO.--- For 30 years Mary Anne Schlau has been helping animals. She owns the Golden Paw Pet Resort in Joplin and has been trying to find home for our 4 legged friends.

"I love it. My mom and dad were the same way. They brought the strays home, not the kids," says Schlau.

The business has boarded and groomed animals for years, but now they are an animal rescue.

"Rescue dogs, these are dogs that are given up by people, surrenders, owner surrenders. We sometimes take some from the shelter. They are always full," states Schlau.

The Golden Paw has taken in 28 dogs from the overflow at the Joplin Humane Society because that shelter is packed. 

"I think Brad, that's the biggest need in this town is because of the over population. The shelter can't handle the over abundance of animals. I think we need more help saving these animals," states Schlau.

Now, since the group is an animal rescue, they can also adopt animals out and find homes quicker. Finding that home just takes some patience.

"We truly believe that there is a home for every one of these dogs. We're gonna find them." 

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