Brad's Beat: The Art of Storytelling

PITTSBURG, KS.--- Bobby Norfolk came to Pittsburg High School today to teach the students about the art of storytelling. During the 1980's and 90's Norfolk hosted a local St.Louis kids show called "Gator Tales" on Saturday mornings.

He told the kids stories and taught them that it can be an art form. He's also is a stand up comedian and author and says all those jobs require the ability to tell a story. Norfolk says the human brain is hard wired for storytelling.

"People are drawn into the vortex of a story. They lean forward, their jaw loosens and eyes widen. That is a form of hypnosis. The only thing to break that is a loud noise in the back of the room or someone walking between the teller and listener," says Bobby Norfolk, Storyteller.

The "Gator Tales" show won 3 out of 4 Emmy's. He only lost one to Captain Kangaroo. The puppeteer who designed the gator for "Gator Tales" also designed Fred, the bird mascot for the St. Louis Cardinals.

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