Brad's Beat Man of Steel Fan

CARTERVILLE, MO.--- The "Man of Steel" is returning to the big screen this week, and a Carterville man is going to be first in line. Larry Tamminen owns the Super Tam 66 Ice Cream Parlor. He has more than 5,000 collectibles on display in his Superman museum.

He's been open since 2006 and dozens of Route 66 travelers have stopped in to enjoy some Superman ice cream. Tamminen says his favorite Superman is George Reeves. He fell in love with the hero when he was in kindergarten.

"It all started when I was as little. You looked up to him. It was truth, justice, and the American way. I still believe in those qualities," said Larry Tamminen, Superman Fan.

Tamminen has his tickets for the Thursday night premiere of the Man of Steel.

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