Brad's Beat: Magic Superintendent

LAMAR, MO.-- Superintendent Dennis Wilson enjoys visiting the lunch room at Lamar Middle School once a week to show off his magic tricks. He picked up the hobby nearly 20 years ago.

Wilson visited a toy store and thought it'd be fun to work magic into his lesson plans back when he was a teacher. The kids love it and they say he's as cool as they come.

"Teachers are not as fun as him. They say get your work done, he's really fun," said Lexi Phipps, 4th Grade.

"Ha, you know what when I was a high school teacher many years ago. I wish I was as cave them as I am now," said Dennis Wilson, Magic Superintendent.

Wilson is retiring this year, he says he plans to continue performing magic at parties and corporate events and visit the lunch room to show off some new tricks.

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