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JOPLIN, MO.--- Mary Ann Schlau has a big heart that is filled with a bunch of love for animals. She runs the Golden Paw Animal Rescue in Joplin and has taken in 400 animals in the last year, and that's not cheap.

"It costs at least 200 to 300 dollars a week just in food alone," said Mary Ann Schlau, Golden Paw Animal Rescue.

The shelter takes in the over flow of animals from the Joplin Humane Society when they run out of cages. Along with food, they have several other needs.

"Collars, leashes anything you would need for your animals we use here," said Schlau.

Malynda Matthews is a volunteer at the rescue and she comes in about 2 times a week.

"Fills a spot in my life and I feel like I'm helping out. Helping humans and animals as well. It's important to pass it onto my daughter," said Malynda Matthews, Volunteer.

Volunteers are essential to help handle all the animals.

"That's all we got, is great people who do help us out with donations every month. It keeps us going," said Schlau.

Mary Ann says it breaks her heart to see so many animals at the shelter without a home.

"If you see the predicaments the shelters are in. You see what we want to do this all the more. It's just to increase the numbers of animals that have a chance," said Schlau.

If you would like like to volunteer or donate to Golden Paw you can call 417-623-0842.

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