Brad's Beat Chicken Wire Art

Published 04/30 2013 08:19PM

Updated 04/30 2013 08:23PM

JOPLIN, MO.--- Some artists work with clay, others with chicken wire? Shaun Conroy is with the "Tank" group that promotes art in public places. The groups latest project are animals made of chicken wire.

They are on display at the Wildcat Glades Nature Center in Joplin. The idea is to expose art to people who normally wouldn't see it.

"The more the art is out in the public, we're enjoying it all day. It beautifies things, brings culture to our area," said Shaun Conroy, Artist.

"People think that they're ghostly. That was the idea we wanted to convey that they were the spirits of animals that have been in the park," said Kerstin Lanwer, Wildcat Glades.

Not all art has to be expensive. The 6 pieces at the Wildcat Glades all together cost less than $50.

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