Brad's Beat Backyard Railroad

GROVE, OK.--- A Grove man has finally completed a 17 year train project that goes around his house. Lowell Eggert, 91, has laid more than 4,500 feet of rail road track. He has turned his whole front and backyard into a giant model train set.

He gives free rides to the kids and says just as many adults get a kick out of it. He's says having a hobby keeps him young and he loves to hear the kids reactions when they're on the ride. He got the idea for the project from an ad.

"In the back of the Railroader Magazine it said 'build your own backyard railroad.' So, I sent for that video," said Lowell Eggert, 91.

If you would like to visit the trains, they're located at 602 west 39th Street in Grove. The rides are free but there is a donation box.

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