Birth Control Misconception

Published 01/26 2014 09:44PM

Updated 01/27 2014 04:04PM

MIAMI, OK--- OB/GYN doctors say women who are on birth control technically don't need to get their monthly period. Only when women are exposed to unopposed estrogen is it unhealthy for them to go on extended amount of time without a period.

When women use birth control, they are getting some amount of estrogen and progesterone in them. Because of this, women can go months without their period as long as it's suppressed by medication such as birth control.

Doctors say this is only acceptable if you have seen your physician and have been approved as an appropriate candidate.

Dr. Wayland Billings says, " Women who are having abnormal cycles and are skipping periods without have a period this can be unhealthy but periods that are suppressed by medication does not put them at any increased risk for complications."

Dr. Billings adds, instead of women taking the last 7 pills in their birth control pack they can skip them and start a new pack.

Also, not getting a period for months while on birth control will not hurt women in the future when they want to conceive a baby.

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