Big changes coming to Joplin in 2018

The new year could spell some big changes for the city of Joplin, everything from city leadership to big projects downtown. And if you thought all those orange cones were going away, think again. 

"2017 was a busy year; 2018 is going to be even busier,” says Mike Seibert, mayor of Joplin.

Even as Main Street construction wraps up, there's more to come in the new year. New surfaces, sidewalks and alleys will happening on 20th Street and around town.

"We're really doing what would be 50 years of infrastructure repair in a matter of 2 or 3 years,” says Mike Seibert.

And a new senior center is being built next to Mercy Park.

"That will be done in the spring of 2018,” says Mike Seibert.

But it's still early stages for two projects downtown that could add up to 25 million dollars.

"The agreement with Connect 2 Culture and that put them on their path to do their fundraising for their new cultural arts center there in front of memorial hall, as well as Missouri Southern at the 4th and Main former library location,” says Mike Seibert.

Even leadership at city hall itself will look different in 2018. Five council seats are on the ballot this spring, and two of the incumbents aren't running for re-election.

“Typical within city government that every two years there will be either four or five seats potentially change and so you know we will be seeing change in 2018. What that's going to look like - we'll only know after the election,” says Mike Seibert.

Voters will make that call on April 3rd.

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