Berry-Moore Furniture Store Sign Removal

Published 07/09 2014 06:40PM

Updated 07/09 2014 07:53PM

LAMAR, MO.--- "The individuals that bought the building are going to redo the roof and it's attached to the roof up there. so they'll need to take it down to kind of improve on that," said Keith Divine, Lamar Mayor.
The Berry-Moore Furniture Store was open for 54 years before closing in 2008. The new owners of the building and current store, Catos Connections, are currently storing the sign.

"He doesn't know what he's going to do with it yet, but I've got a son that's interested in getting it and I've got a daughter that's interested in getting it. So we'll deal with them on down the road and see what they say," said Mayor Divine. 

Lamar Mayor Keith Divine is the son in law of Bob Berry who opened the furniture store in the 1950's. Though he has a personal connection to the sign, he believes retiring it is part of the town's growing economy.

"You've got to have business, you've got to have things for those younger individuals, those 20 and 30 year old people to walk down those stairs and find something to do," he said. 

As the square evolves for the future, some local resident can't help but miss those iconic symbols and buildings. 

"You do miss the older buildings that was there. you do miss those. The courthouse itself looks the same, but that's about it," said Martha Kincade, Lamar Resident.

She feels as if her childhood memories are being erased.

"You feel a deep loss. Actually, I hate it every time we lose a building here in Lamar. I really do," said Kincade. 

The squares transformation is bitter-sweet for many residents. Mayor Divine believes change is good. 

"You like to keep your square alive. We've got a real good courthouse here. This town, it'll survive," said Mayor Divine. 

City leaders say although it may look like the town is fading, there's still a lot of history that remains present. As for the sign itself, its fate is still undetermined but could end up back in the hands of the original family.

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