Baxter Springs Tornado Siren Testing

Published 05/02 2014 06:28PM

Updated 05/02 2014 10:15PM

BAXTER SPRINGS, KS.--- The Baxter Springs Fire Department puts their storm sirens to the test today. This was the first time people in Baxter Springs have heard the sirens since the tornado. KSN's Melanie Huonker talked with one man who's home was destroyed, about what it was like to hear the sirens sound again.

"Fear, just straight up fear,"said Clinton Tush, Tornado Survivor.  

That's how Clinton Tush felt when he heard an all too familiar sound in Baxter Springs Friday. The sound of the storm sirens brought back memories of when the tornado hit.

"A tornado swelling in front of me. Debris flying everywhere. Houses getting tore apart, and the sound of a train coming," said Tush. 

The Baxter Springs fire chief says it's important to test the city's four storm sirens following the tornado.

"Now's the time to test to make sure everything is going to work properly," said Gunner Wixon, Baxter Springs Fire Chief. 

The fire department was concerned about this storm siren, because it's right in the path of the destruction. The fire chief says they waited a few days to test the sirens, so everyone could be prepared.

"The Four State area has been through this too many times and nobody likes to hear that sound. It's a scary sound," said Wixon. 

It's something that Tush hopes won't leave a lasting mark on his memory.

"I'm just hoping I can make it past in my life and just move on. I just don't know how I'm going to do it," said Tush. 

The fire department says that all four sirens were tested and worked properly.

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