Asbury Plant Air Quality Control System Project Update

Published 03/25 2014 05:40PM

Updated 03/25 2014 07:02PM

ASBURY, MO.--- A project to get a local power plant up to EPA standards is on track to completion.

"We are about 75% done as far as construction goes, both in money and time," said Randy Richardson, AQCS Construction Manager. 

Empire District Electric leaders gave an update on the air quality control system project at the Asbury Plant Tuesday. Currently, about 120 workers are on site and crews are about 75% done with construction.

"We have probably another six months of really major construction to go and then we'll be trying to start it up and hopefully go into service for our customers," Shaen Rooney, Manager of Strategic Projects.

Empire leaders say the air quality control system will be a boost for the local environment

"This will help us comply with new and pending regulations by the EPA," said Richardson. 

The system will reduce emissions of various by-products by a significant percentage.

"We're reducing our SO2 emissions by up to 95%, and the particular matter emissions by up to 99%, we're also reducing our emissions of mercury and other toxic air pollutants," said Rooney. 

Leaders say regulations on coal-fired plants have become a lot more active, especially since the amendments to the Clean Air Act passed in 1990.

"They're always pushing things to get cleaner and cleaner, and it improves our quality of life," said Richardson. 

Empire leaders say crews will begin tying in the new portion to the existing plant in the fall. The new system should be in service by early 2015.

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