Arvest Bank "pays it forward"

It's not everyday that a bank uses cash to help complete strangers, but today it was a common occurrence throughout the Four States. Arvest Bank conducted its second annual day of "Paying It Forward" in nine different communities today.

It was a typical day of running from one work meeting to the next for Drew Kimble. 

"I was on my way to my next meeting and was just totally crashing, and I thought ‘I need to get a smoothie with some protein in it,’” says Drew Kimble. 

A smoothie made extra sweet by the unexpected favor of a couple strangers.

"I noticed these people sitting up there counting cash and I was like well that's interesting, I wonder what's happening,” says Drew Kimble.

Representatives from Arvest Bank paid for his order, amongst several others in line at Joplin Avenue Coffee Company, as a part of its "Pay It Forward" day.

"Paying for someone's cup of coffee isn't a grand gesture, but it's that simple, random act of kindness without the expectation of being paid back. And I think it just goes to show that in our community, it's a blessing. If you can be a blessing, you know be one,” says Amy Howe, Arvest Marketing Manager.

"There was a gentleman behind me so I went ahead and bought his coffee and so on and so on. And it looks like it's going to happen again here in a second,” says Drew Kimble.

Representatives from branches across the Four States stopped into local businesses with bundles of cash.

"We've had people at WalMart paying for someone's groceries or Christmas presents. We've had another branch go stop at the trolley to pay for some bus fares," says Amy Howe.

All in hopes not just to make a strangers day, but that they too will pay forward for someone else in whatever way they can.

"I know that I'm really busy and there's always a lot of other things on my mind as I'm going throughout the day and for someone to stop and be really intentional about giving something to me, it causes me to stop and think about what they did. And what I'm doing intentionally throughout the day,” says Drew Kimble.

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