Area couple receives handicap accessible home from Habitat for Humanity

An area couple gets a very special gift from their community on a very special weekend.

It may have been a day before the actual holiday, but it's unlikely Ron and Charlotte King will ever forget Veterans Day 2017, the year they received a brand new, handicapped accessible home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity and several others.

Scott Clayton, Director, Habitat For Humanity: "It started with a donation from the estate of Harold Layton, who is a World War II veteran. He and his friends visited with me and they wanted to donate to us and really that's how it all started. Then the American Legion Post 13 with that wonderful donation of $36 thousand dollars and finally Home Depot that gave us $31 thousand dollars. That gave us everything we needed to build this house."

Ron King, Habitat House Recipient: "This one's all handicapped accessible for me: my shower walk in and everything, got my ramp out the back. I can go in and out and got the parking spot out here in the back and it's it's just made a terrific change."

But the man who received this house has done a lot more than just serve his country.

 After serving his country during the Vietnam era, King spent 12 years with Webb City, in the ambulance service, police department and fire department, retiring as chief. Post 13 Commander Warren Turner says this was the right time, the right place and the right situation to use some of the money that was donated to the post after the May 2011 tornado.

Warren Turner, VFW Post 13 Commander: "We’ve been waiting for the most perfect situation that we could satisfy all of the people who gave us the money and to make sure it went to right place. And what could be more perfect than here, where we have the tornado area and we've got a new house and we have a veteran, the most important thing that needed it and so we're excited about doing that."

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