Annual Bird Count

Residents took on a global-wide effort to provide essential data for scientists and animal activists across the world.

Birders or bird watchers from the Wildcat Glades Conservation Center and Ozark Gateway partnered to participate in an annual bird count.

An average count documents around 85 species within a 15-mile-diameter of Wildcat Glades.

This is the 115th year that Audubon Centers will document bird species across the globe this month.

"It's sent to national Audubon, then from there they take those records and they find out where the highs and lows are for the birds and what climate might have done for them. If there's an area of birds that did used to live here that have now moved some place else," says Wildcat Glades Volunteer & Board Member, Vicki Cassady. 

Children ages 6 to 14 that are looking to learn about birding can participate in the Christmas Bird Count on January 6th at Wildcat Glades.

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