American Red Cross Everyday Hero: Granby Police Sergeant Ron Greer

By Philip Mitchell

Published 04/04 2014 06:21PM

Updated 04/04 2014 08:03PM

GRANBY, MO.--- An act of heroism can come in many forms, but saving a child's life always holds a special place. In tonight's American Red Cross Everyday Hero story, we spotlight Granby Police Sergeant Ron Greer. 

What was supposed to be a quiet Saturday evening turned into something potentially life threatening for a 9 month old Granby girl named Abbi. It all started when Abbi's mother Tosha left the room for a minute while Tosha's sister was holding her. Somehow, Abbi got a hold of a bottle cap and put it in her mouth.

"I come back out of the bathroom. Was probably in there for like less than a minute. Her face was red and blue, so I called 911," said Tosha Hines, Abbi's Mother. 

That's when Granby Police Sergeant Ron Greer got the call.

"I received a call from dispatch regarding a nine-month-old baby who was choking on a bottlecap. As I was heading across town, the dispatcher called and said the baby is going unconscious," said Sergeant Ron Greer, Granby Police Department. 

Once he heard that, he sped up.

"Expedited a little bit more and was able to get there when I arrived, the great-grandparents were working feverishly trying to get the cap out of her mouth and she was pretty unconscious at the time," said Sergeant Greer. 

"My grandparents try to take it out. They seem like they ended up just pushing it down farther and farther. The part that was stuck in her throat, it is the part that was screwed down. Kept scratching her throat," said Tosha. 

Sgt. Greer arrived on scene within three minutes of the call coming into dispatch.

"I could see the cap when I looked in her mouth, I was able to reach in. I felt where the top was and where the open side on the bottom was, I turned my finger over and depressed her tongue in some so I could get my finger under the cap," said Sergeant Greer. 

"I thought I was going to lose her. And I was scared, very scared," said Tosha. 

"It took a pretty good tug to take it out, but I was able to extracted it from her throat," said Sergeant Greer. 

Abbi's mom and dad are both very grateful for what Sergeant Greer did.

"I couldn't ask for better, it was great. He did his job," said Hoyt Hines, Abbi's Father. 

If you asked Sergeant Greer if he felt like a hero he would say "I was just the vessel God was driving."

Abbi is doing quite well and Sergeant Greer attended Abbi's first birthday not too long ago. The Hines say they not only consider him a hero, but a member of the family.

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