American Kennel Club Rally National Competition Winner

JOPLIN, MO.---- Ronda Murphy and her 4-year-old poodle, Bailey, have put in many years in training for competitions.

"I worked him really hard for the first year and a half, and then after that, we didn't really do a lot," said Ronda Murphy, Dog Owner.

It took extensive training to get Bailey where she needed to be. Murphy says she knew he had something special when she first met him.

"Anything that we do that is involved with obedience and rallying and actually working, he's very driven, but on the flip side, at home, mellow mellow mellow. He's a 98 pound lap dog," said Murphy.

The two attended the American Kennel Club Rally National Competition on March 15th in Tulsa. 168 dogs from almost 40 different states entered the contest. The event offered competition for dogs in novice, advanced and excellent levels.

"He was dead on with everything. He was heeling really good that day. All of the exercises he just absolutely nailed," said Murphy.

Bailey competed in the excellent level, taking first place, and is now training for his advanced titles. He says he is ready for another blue ribbon. Bailey has been in over 60 different competitions. He has placed between 1st and 4th in 55 of those. Ronda said their next competition is a "Poodle Specialty" and it is this Friday.

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