About Our Kids Vandalism Investigation

Published 07/02 2014 06:44PM

Updated 07/02 2014 08:08PM

LAMAR, MO.--- "The netting around the court had been cut in various places, chuncks had been cut out of it," said Jerod Morey, About Our Kids Inc. Executive Director.

This is just one of many instances of vandalism that took place within a course of about two weeks at one of the "About Our Kids" buildings. 

"Then the basketball goal, the back goal had been completely shattered. It looks like an object maybe went through it, glass was all over the court," said Morey. 

The executive director of A.O.K. says the destruction seemed to never end. 

"When we went to the playground, there was etching on the playground. There were names of individuals, we don't know if those individuals wrote the names or not, but there was of course curse words and vulgarity," he said. 

The bus fuel tank was also siphoned. Morey says these things are difficult to get fixed because A.O.K. is already struggling financially. 

"We're operating 100% on community donations, business donations, etc. It's really difficult to get these things fixed, it's very expensive. So it does, it has a rippling effect," he said.

Organization leaders reported the crimes to the Lamar Police Department, because it was becoming a big problem. 

"We have it under investigation and we have had a couple people in that we've interviewed and we still are interviewing people." Detective Robert Lawrence, Lamar Police Department.

Morey says the kids in the program are most concerned about the vandalism.

"This is a home away from home for these kids, and that's what we want. When somebody vandalizes or destroys our stuff, it directly effects them," said Morey.

Currently, no one has been caught or charged, but this is still an ongoing investigation. L.P.D has estimated the cost of the damages is around $3,000. 

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