Triggers for Migraines

JOPLIN, MO-- "The headaches, the migraines can come on not during the time of exhaustion and stress activities, it may come later on when you try to relax, especially in the evenings or on the weekends." But Freeman Neurologist Ahmed Robbie says those so called "letdown headaches" are just the start of the list. Too much caffeine can trigger a migraine, even too many carbs. "If you take a lot of carbohydrates, your blood sugar going to go up. Your body going to secrete insulin and drop glucose down. Go up and down, that can cause migraines."

Add to that too much time in the sun, even getting a cold or the flu can spark an attack. "To avoid these symptoms maybe excessive, avoid excessive exposure to heat, sunlight. Avoid having this weather related infections like the flu and the common cold." Dr. Robbie says the best advice is to maintain a regular schedule. "Eat on time. Keep the pattern of sleeping and relaxing and sleeping the same schedule on weekdays and weekends."

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