The Impact of Multi-Vitamins

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 01/16 2014 05:40PM

Updated 01/16 2014 10:48PM

Taking your daily vitamin is almost a no brainer for many people. But recent studies have questioned just what impact they have on your health.

"There have been multiple studies that have concluded that taking a multi-vitamin isn't beneficial. Most people have a good healthy diet and get their vitamins and minerals from their diet." So Neosho QuickMeds Registered Pharmacist Colleen Holt says not everyone needs to take one. "It's beneficial in people who have poor diets, also pregnant and lactating women, picky eaters that they typically cut out certain groups of foods like vegetables.

When you do opt for a multi-vitamin, choose one that provides 100% of the recommended daily value - but stop there. "Mega doses can cause toxicities and other health problems."

Holt adds that vitamin and mineral supplements can interact with other medications. "Especially antibiotics, the calcium and iron in multi-vitamins can complex with the antibiotics and it won't be absorbed as well. And that's also true of levothyroxine which is a thyroid supplement which a lot of people take. You need at least a 4 hour window."

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