Summer Swimming Safety

JOPLIN, MO-- Water quality is a top priority during the summer swimming season. But even that chlorine which helps protect us in pools can be dangerous when pool owners don't store it properly. Freeman Infection Control Officer Karen Watts said, "Even at home, chlorine storage and the appropriate use of chlorine is paramount in keeping our mucus membranes safe and the lungs of smaller children can succumb more quickly to chlorine inhalation than an adult."

The fumes pose a threat, especially to small children. Watts added "When you inhale those fumes it can make you cough, eyes water, even lead to some sort of respiratory distress. It can be an adult or a child but children can be more susceptible to lower levels of chlorine inhalation than an adult would be." Swimmers can help protect themselves by showering with soap and water before swimming and taking frequent restroom breaks. Also, check babies' diaper regularly. "Change in designated diaper changing areas, not poolside where germs can be swept in with runoff and wash hands."

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