Sleep Deprivation

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 04/03 2014 11:40AM

Updated 04/03 2014 10:32PM

"Sleep deprivation prolongs our reaction time and negatively affects us cognitively, physically, and emotionally. Research studies have shown that sleep deprivation can be just as dangerous as driving intoxicated. One study showed that sleep deprivation as little as 2 hours a night made the driving as bad as driving drunk." And Freeman Dr. Jason Maxfield says it also impacts our cognitive skills. "It decreases our ability to recall inform, our ability to process new information and it really decreases our ability to form new memories. There are a lot of studies that show sleep deprivation will affect our performance at work."

Maxfield adds that there's also an emotional impact. "Sleep deprivation increases many of our negative emotions and it decreases our ability to control them. So anger, sadness or frustration all bcome amplified when we're sleep deprived."

He says the fix is a regular sleep schedule with 7-9 hours of sleep each night. "The best way to find out if you're getting enough sleep is to try and wake up without your alarm clock. If you can't chances are you aren't getting enough sleep."

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