Prosthetics for Mastectomy Patients

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 10/03 2013 05:24PM

Updated 10/03 2013 10:52PM

When a breast cancer patient opts for a mastectomy, it can make a big impact both on her health and her emotional well being. Here's a look at some of the options that can help with recovery.

The choice to have a mastectomy can lead to a range of issues - starting with short term healing. Crystal Vice is a certified fitter at the Pink Door Boutique. She said, "The surgical camisoles help in a big way because after that surgery they may possibly have drains and that offers them drain pouches to hold the drain bulbs. It also is a front closure so it allows them to be able to fasten their own bra."

Breast forms can help the patient maintain their pre-surgery shape. And Vice said there are several options to find just the right fit. "The silicone is great for a woman who has just had a left or right due to the fact that it has that natural weight. It's going to even them out. A bilateral you have more choices. You can do the foam form - you could do the silicone whichever your desire whichever feels better for that patient."

She added there are also specialized bras designed for patients after a lumpectomy. "As long as a lady is not symmetrical and just had that lumpectomy - insurance will still cover a prosthetic device for her. They have silicone forms that slide into a pocketed bra and that lady will feel symmetrical again."

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