Natl Donate Life Month

JOPLIN, MO-- April is National Donate Life month. It's a chance for supporters to highlight the importance of considering organ donation.
"In the last year that's increased from 18 - 19 die every day waiting for transplant for organ donations." And Freeman ICU Nurse Roxanna Estes says that's just one more reason patients should consider signing up as potential organ donors. "Everyone has the potenial for donation. We assess that medically and you can potentially provide 1 to 50 gifts. There are generally eight to nine organs because some can be shared. You have two kidneys, you have a liver which can go to multiple recipients. And there are donations of tissue."

Estes adds that even patients with health issues can donate. "Some people say well my hearts not very good so I wouldn't think that anyone else would want my organs. And basically what happens when you become a potential organ donor they evaluate medically how your organs are. They would make determinations at that point in time." State law allows a patient to determine their own designation as a donor. "And it's really important for you to share that with your family and friends because they need to know what your wishes are."

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