Home Safety

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 05/01 2014 06:26PM

Updated 05/01 2014 10:38PM

For most of us, home feels like a place of safety. But national statistics show it can be dangerous and even deadly. Every year, accidents around the house lead to 20 million trips to the hospital, 7 million disabling injuries and 20 thousand deaths.

"The most common injuries in the home are falls and followed by that are poisonings in the home. And those can either be from our elderly for falls or poisonings can be from the elderly." Freeman Health Essentials Director Melinda Brown adds that medication is often to blame. Kids swallowing pills because they're curious or elderly residents accidentally doubling up on a dose. "Make sure if you have children to put those up. Put that medication up in a cabinet so it's out of their reach. You may even want to put a lock on that cabinet to make sure the children can't get to it. For the elderly, they may want to have a list of their medications, and as they take that medication, that they check off that medication."

You may not notice these risks during your normal routine, so take a walk specifically watching for potential danger. "Make sure you have good lighting. So if you get up in the night that you have good lighting. Make sure also that if you have any cords, if you have kids, you have toys picked up. That can be a tripping factor for an adult too. Or the elderly, make sure you have those clear walkways to get from room to room."

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