Growing Concerns Over Sexual Assaults on College Campuses

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 05/22 2014 06:24PM

Updated 05/22 2014 10:32PM

Sexual assaults on college campuses have been a growing concern on the national level... both preventing them and helping victims after the fact.

National estimates say nearly one in five women will be the victim of a sexual assault - and that 80% of those happen before age 25.

Karen Scott is the director of the Freeman Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner program. She hopes stats like these will encourage co-eds to make safety a priority. "For many college age people, it's the first time they're away from home, kind of unsupervised, on their own. A lot of them are experimenting with alcohol. Sometimes there are a lot of parties and situations that put them in a situation where someone who's opportunistic could take advantage."

Scott says it's a good idea to use the buddy system. "If you're going to a bar or a party, make a pact that no matter what, you'll go home with that person."

Scott says that if a sexual assault does take place, the victim should seek medical attention immediately. "She can be provided counseling, safety, planning, treatment - just in case for sexually transmitted infections."

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