Getting Your Tonsils Out

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 10/10 2013 06:40PM

Updated 10/10 2013 10:59PM

Getting your tonsils out could solve a wide range of health problems for young patients.

"You know, one of the first signs you may notice snoring or mouth breathing. The children sometimes will walk around with their mouth open a lot of the time. And if you suspect this, a lot of the time what I tell my parents is that. Put the child down to sleep at night and sneak back in their room 30 minutes later and just observe them sleeping." Dr. Scott McClintick says if the tonsils and adenoids are infected, they can be removed through an out patient procedure. "Perform about 500,000 of these nationwide in children. And the most common reason for adenotonsilectomy is for exactly what we're talking about today is large tonsils, large adenoids and the resulting sleep disorder breathing."

After the surgery, the patient can expect some discomfort. "We send them home on pain medication if they're over the age of seven. They obviously have a sore throat. You just have to make sure they stay hydrated and drink plenty of fluids." But the impact can be dramatic. "I've had parents say the night after surgery they notice their child is sleeping a lot quieter and a lot more restful."

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