Customized Knee Replacement Therapy

JOPLIN, MO-- Knee replacement surgery can be painful and time consuming. But changes in the procedure are simplifying the process ... and the impact to the patient.

"If you have pain with every step you take, if you can't climb up and down stairs. If you can't walk long distances and find that you can't walk around and do all your grocery shopping and you can't sleep at night. And you find that the pain in your knee is so bad that you have trouble falling asleep or every time you turn over at night it wakes you up then you're someone whose knee pain is controlling your life enough that you should consider a knee replacement."

And Freeman Orthopedic Surgeon Derek Miller says the ability to customize knee replacements is a big improvement over past options. "We take an MRI of the patient's knee and a long leg x-ray. And the patient specific instruments are generated by the manufacturer. And it's a cutting block that clicks perfectly onto the patient's knee at the time of surgery. So it's contoured to match their anatomy."

Dr. Miller says that has a wide ranging impact. "It is a little less time in the OR so it is a little shorter surgery, a little less blood loss, and it's a little easier on the patient for recovery."

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