Choosing the Right Shoe an Important Step for Diabetic Patients

JOPLIN, MO-- Shoe shopping is a favorite past time for many of us. But for diabetic patients, it's not just a matter of fashion - it can affect their health.

 "The number one cause of amputations in America is diabetes. And it has to do with circulation. And it can start with the feet. If we have a sore that starts on the foot, it can get infected and that can lead to amputation." Freeman Diabetes Education Coordinator Susan Pittman says diabetes can lead to a reduced perception of pain. "You could walk on even a little pebble or with the shoes, if you had a shoe that was rubbing. Someone with diabetes won't feel that."

And any issue however small can lead to a major infection. So diabetic patients need to look for footwear with good shock absorption, the right fit, and natural fibers for proper air circulation. "Fungus, bacteria love warm, dark, moist places. So in the shoe, if there's more air circulating it helps keep the foot drier." Not every diabetic patient will need a prescription for shoes. Check with your doctor to find out more.

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