Buddy Check 16: Joplin Woman Survives Breast Cancer Twice

  JOPLIN, MO.--A Joplin woman fights breast cancer twice and is sending a message of hope to all women.

Surviving cancer is a big sign of courage and strength...try surviving it twice.

That's 70 year old Naomi Miller's reality. She was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 times within 10 years.

Miller says, "Your whole life flashes before you."

The first happened in May of 2002 when miller went for her yearly mammogram.

Dr. Kurtis Cox discovered that there was something occluded that he did not care for."

It was stage 1 breast cancer.

Miller says I was told by him that 5 years down the road it would have been too late."

Miller had a lumpectomy and a mastectomy not too long after.

Little did she know 10 years down the road she'd get similar news.

Miller says, "In August of 2011 I went for my yearly mammogram...when it was read Dr.Cox suggested that I have an ultrasound."

A test she had never had and following the ultrasound needle biopsy.

Miller says, "Inwardly I already knew that it was cancer."

Then she got the call to confirm her worst fears...it was stage 1 breast cancer.

General Surgeon for Freeman Health System Dr. Kurtis Cox says, "Women that have had 1 previous breast cancer do have an increased lifetime risk of developing breast cancer in the other breast


"every woman age 40 receive a mammogram once a year."


she does what she needs to do and that's why were were able to detect her second breast cancer again at an early stage."

Miller sends this message with courage...in hopes of saving at least one woman.

Miller says, "it's your life..you only get one time around and you need to pay attention."

Dr. Cox says it's important for women to get a mammogram test every year starting at the age of 40.

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