August Buddy Check

JOPLIN, MO---For many cancer patients a good support system starts with their first visit with an oncologist. 

In this month's Freeman Buddy Check 16, we show you the important role an oncologist can play in the fight against cancer.

Building trust, forming a bond, and providing patients with the support they need, that's the reputation of Freeman Oncologist Dr. Anisa Hassan, "I feel very passionate about my job and my patients." 

In fact, Dr. Hassan feels getting emotionally involved with her patients helps her be a better doctor, "They are looking to you for comfort, guidance, for advice and are giving their lives in your hand and I take it very seriously."

That's why she starts to build a relationship with her patients the day she meets them. "I keep enough time for that first visit and so the patient doesn't feel rushed."

It's made all the difference for Kim Butler who has been fighting Breast Cancer since 2009. "I wouldn't want anyone else, because I know her so well, I know I can call her."

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