Main Street Pet Care- Pet Allergies- March 25, 2014

By Alan Matthews

Published 03/25 2014 09:23AM

Updated 04/22 2014 08:35AM

Springtime and Allergies in Dogs and Cats.

Allergies are exciting because of the newer developments in that field. 
  • Dogs and cats can have seasonal allergies just like people.

  • One of the most common problems we deal with.

  • Disease related to allergies take up the top three claim areas for veterinary

  • Other things must be ruled out (food allergy, flea allergy, parasites, infections,
    cancer, etc).

  • Proper diagnosis is essential, all allergies have a similar outward

  • Manifestations are itchy, infected skin, feet, and ear infections.

  • Most common cause of ear infections.

  • Often, symptoms are extremely severe before the pet is brought into the

  • There are often secondary infections that must be treated in order for the itching to

  • If these problems are not treated, the itching will not go away.  Treatment of
    infections can be very extensive.

  • There are several newer treatments available that are exciting.

  • They are much safer than traditional treatments.

  • Cyclosporine is effective, safer than steroids, but very expensive.

  • Desensitization is now available without intradermal testing.  It can be done by injection, or
    now by using drops under the tongue.

  • Brand new product for dogs, Apoquel, that is revolutionary is now available in limited
    supply, and will be fully available in June. 

  • Don't let your pet suffer, get help today.  It is less expensive, safer and more
    effective than at any time in the history of veterinary medicine.

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