Heartland Behavioral Health: Spring Cleaning Pt. 2

By Gretchen Bolander

Published 04/01 2014 08:31AM

Updated 04/01 2014 09:17AM

Spring cleaning does not just have to be about our surroundings. In addition to sprucing up our physical surroundings this is a great time to check in and clean up our mental health. This is a perfect time for us to re-commit to our mental and physical health.   There is nothing better than sunshine, blooming flowers and long days to help us feel revitalized!

· Spring time is a great time to get your annual check ups-get your biometrics done, this will give you a good baseline

· MOVE-with spring cleaning comes organizing, boxing up junk and all of this allows you to get exercise and at the end of the day-accomplishment

· Bring your workouts OUTSIDE-this will freshen up the routine.

· Sign up for a spring run/walk event

· This is the time of year we begin to see shorts and swimsuits hit the stores-this can either motivate us or stress us to the point of giving up.  Rather, be excited about new things and how good it feels to feel the sun shining down upon us. 

· Add color to your wardrobe-throw in some bright colors, it will brighten your mood and affect!

· Bring your family into the spring cleaning process.  This helps you accomplish your commitments to spending quality time with family

· Encourage them to have a garage or yard sale to earn some extra money or donate to a charity

· Spring reminds of us of fresh fruits and veggies-renew your commitment to healthy eating and eating light foods.  Say good bye to those heavy winter meals

· This time of year, many of us are recognizing our faith through lent and other spiritual holidays.  Continue your commitment to spirituality and serenity, as this will only enhance your mental health.   Really focus on your PURPOSE and core values-tie this into the VITALITY and RENEWAL that spring time offers us!!

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