Heartland Behavioral Health Services- Healthy Nevada- October 15, 2013

Heartland Behavioral Health Services- Healthy Nevada- October 15, 2013

Alyson Harder explains the Healthy Nevada initiative and the plans to improve the health of the community.

Treating epidemic and systemic health and mental health issues can be very overwhelming as it often requires a collaborative approach to meet the needs of the individual, the family and the community.  We often hear “it takes a village…”  When it comes to health and wellness, the vitality of the community and access to resources is critical in preventing and treating health and mental health related disorders.

Finding the different networks within your community can help with the actual referral, diagnosis and
treatment process of your health and mental health related issues.

In Nevada, we are fortunate to have begun a county-wide initiative called the “Healthy Nevada Project”.

Initiated by the City of Nevada and Cerner, Healthy Nevada puts health at the heart of the community

The project seeks to enhance the health of individuals and the community-as a whole. Bringing together major employers to support and encourage wellness within the community.

Healthy Nevada features incentives and wellness programs to help Vernon County residents improve their
quality of life by making the healthy choice the easy choice.

Some examples of what Healthy Nevada has brought the community:

o     Farmer’s Market

o     Healthy Choice Signage at locations such at the High School Football Concession Stand

o     Initiative and Incentives to sign up for the 100 Missouri Mile Challenge for increased fitness

o     Ped-Net study to assist the city in organizing biking and walking trails

o     A funding team to assist organizations within Nevada to fund and plan for health related initiatives such as:

§      Triathlon, bike races

§      Programs within the school system that teach health and wellness,

§     Mental Health Court

§     County-wide web-based referral system for mental health/wellness services offered throughout the area.

Create your own health initiatives around you for your community members, co-workers, and

For more information on the Healthy Nevada initiative (the example we spoke about here), we encourage you to visit www.healthynevada.net.

Join in on state-wide or even nation-wide initiatives that make fitness fun!

o     www.100missourimiles.com

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