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Mercy- Hidden Vegetables Pt. 1- April 29, 2014

Heather Richards, a registered dietitian at Mercy, has a recipe that uses broccoli slaw instead of spaghetti.

Broccoli Slaw Pasta:

2 cooked and sliced chicken breasts (warm)

(For our recipe, we used ground turkey)

1 bag broccoli slaw

1 jar pasta sauce

In a medium to large skillet, add broccoli slaw and 1/4 cup of water. Over medium heat, cook 6-9
minutes, until slaw is tender (not soggy, just tender). Stirring/tossing every
minute or two. When ready, there should be no water left in the pan. Add pasta
sauce, stir over medium heat. When sauce is heated and bubbling, remove from
heat and serve. Top with cooked chicken.

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