Celebrate Neosho Short Film Festival- May 8, 2014

Celebrate Neosho Short Film Festival- May 8, 2014

The Celebrate Neosho Short Film Festive encourages aspiring filmmakers an opportunity to present their work.
Mission: To cultivate creativity, civic pride, and to provide a challenge to the people of Neosho and surrounding communities.

Participants will create a short film with the theme “Celebrate Neosho”

Films will screen to a public audience during the Celebrate Neosho Festival on June 28, 2014. at a time TBD.

Participants will be split into two categories. School Aged (13-18 years of age) and Adult (19+)

Participants will pay a $15 entry Fee for the Adult category and a $10 Entry Fee for the School Aged category.

Here are the Official Rules Thus Far. The Festival Organizers reserve the right to amend and add or negate certain rules as the Event Develops.

1. Films should be between 6-8 minutes long.

2. Films should be mostly shot within Newton County and should explore the theme “Celebrate Neosho” (which is open to interpretation).

3. In an effort to make the screening a family and community friendly atmosphere films should not contain overt sexuality, nudity, drug or alcohol abuse, smoking, violence or profanity. Films can however be any genre (Comedy, Horror, Drama, Abstract, Documentary, etc.)

4. The Director’s age will determine the category in which the film is entered.

5. Films should be turned in on either a DVD or on a flash drive in MP4 format.

6. Films should be submitted with a Written Script (or an outline/explanation if your film is just too weird and/or absent of dialogue to put into a standard script.), and accompanied by a submission form listing the Title of the film, genre, Director’s Name and Contact Information, and the age category.

7. Films and all supplemental materials should be turned into the staff at One14 Coffee Bar No Later than 9:00 PM On June 23rd, 2014.

8. Participants under 18 years of age should include a letter signed by parents or guardians expressing permission for the minor to participate in the festival.

9. Participants will sign a document giving the City of Neosho, The Neosho Chamber of Commerce, and the Neosho Arts Council rights to use and amend submissions to promote civic activities as they see fit.
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