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Waco School Haunt 2013 - 102913

Waco School House Haunt 2013, the scariest fun you'll have all year...
aco School House Haunt 

148 Rose Street
Waco, Missouri 64832

Closed until Friday 8:00 pm - 12:00 am

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Be prepared for the scare of your life! Waco School House Haunt is a multi-level haunted house, that includes a zombie shoot. Starting in the haunted hallways, there are several spooky classrooms, an asylum, clowns, and a glowing 3d walk in a spinning walkway that will leave you dazed. You can only go down from there. Down to the bottomless pit in the basement that is. Going back to school has never been so terrifying. 


Haunted House: $12.00 per person

Zombie Shoot: $5.00

(Airsoft shooting range)

Combo (Haunt & Zombie Shoot): $15.00

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