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Its a operation undergoing evolution. Freemans Select Outpatient Center and Services first started helping the elderly deal with the effects of stroke and Parkinsons. But now therapists are seeing younger clients and their options are growing. Brenda Pieper is director of Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapies at Freeman Health System. She says, " Physical therapy youre working alot with a patients ability to walk, exercise, their muscular function. Occupational therapy is functioning in the community in their daily activities. Speech therapy is alot to do with their speech ability to communication and their cognitive deficits." Therapy is generally not a short process - and Pieper says theyre able to stay with patients for the long haul. "We try to set them up with exercise programs as well as working here at the clinic so theyre daily working on getting better instead of when they come see us. But a typical stroke patient is not going to be able to be seen just for a week or 2 weeks - theyre going to have to work very hard." SOCS is based out of the Freeman East location in Joplin and will soon be moving to the area currently occupied by the Womens Pavilion.

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