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Have you ever been in a car accident?

Usually what happens is the repair bills are sent to the insurance company (Yours or the guy who bumped you). Just when you think you're saved from further expenses, contacting the insurance company will be very tedious work. Of course, these guys will give you the ring around. After all, who wants to spend extra money for damages they did not do. They'll be looking for an excuse not to pay you. They tell you to contact them again tomorrow, but then tomorrow brings another tomorrow and so on and so fourth. Then you keep thinking, why don't I just pay for the bill myself - you lose more with time. But you've already put forth the effort so you press on.

When all the paper work is finally drawn up, the insurance company will recommend you to a mechanic. You expect the best parts to be used for your car. The best parts are original parts. Some mechanics use second-rate replacements.

The latest scam of these companies is that they collude with mechanics. These mechanics have added revenues for aligning with these insurance companies. The insurance companies give you a pre-determined list of repair chains, that most of the time, fix your car in the cheapest way possible (how else will they make a profit?). This scam is called "steering".

The Anti-Steering Legislation will stop this type of insurance scams. It will ensure a more fair way of getting your car repaired. With this legislation in place, you will be assured that your repair parts are the finest in the market. No more scams. This is healthy for car owners all over America. Because of this the insurance company can longer tell you where you have to have you automobile repaired!

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