Tad Morlan - Protect Your Rights

Every citizen has rights whether you are a victim of an accident caused by the negligence of another or accused of a criminal action. Your rights can ONLY be protected if you know what they are and how to protect them. I am attorney Tad Morlan and I will help "Protect Your Rights."

I have been practicing law for over 14 years and have helped hundreds of people protect their rights in both civil and criminal cases. I will work for you to resolve your case in the manner that is most beneficial to you. When necessary we will work outside of formal court proceedings, as to minimize the cost to you and to reduce the time it takes to get a satisfactory decision in your case. If your best chance at a suitable conclusion necessitates going to trial then as an experienced litigator I am prepared to aggressively represent you.

You will be completely advised in the methods for resolving your case and the pros and cons of each of those methods. This way YOU can make an informed decision.

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