MO Welding Institute - Testimonial 3

Kenny Pederson

I spent 19 years working at a job that I didn?t necessarily enjoy, but it paid my bills and I thought it would be around forever. When they announced that they were closing and moving overseas, I wasn?t sure what I would do. I knew I needed some kind of training or I?d be lucky to find a job that would pay me over $8 and hour. I had several options but was looking for something that wouldn?t take forever (I couldn?t live on unemployment too long) plus I was looking for something practical. I knew welders were in demand where I lived, and actually anywhere in the world. For real, just check the internet.

One problem though, I had no idea what a weld was or what a weld looked like. I saw an ad for MWI in the newspaper and knew I wanted to go there. I actually picked MWI because it was close to home, only to later find out that it is the top welding school in the country. When I attended, there were students from New York to California and everywhere in between. Although everyone there was friendly I thought they were stretching the truth about the jobs that were out there. They?re not!! And although they are operating a business, they are genuinely concerned about every student and want nothing less than success for each and every one of them. It wasn?t easy for me being away from family.

Learning a trade takes a lot of work and dedication, but it pays off. It gave me a confidence in myself that no one can ever take away. I will never be without a job. EVER!! I can actually pick where I want to work. I?ve turned down more jobs than I have worked because the demand is so great. In May 2005 I became a Certified Associate Welding Inspector. There are no limits to where you can go in the welding field.

Forever Thankful,
Kenny Pederson

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