Celebrating its 112th year anniversary, Mount Hope Cemetery of Webb City is this month's Four State Founder!

Mount Hope Cemetery began in 1905 when eleven businessmen from Webb City and Joplin decided to form as corporation and build a cemetery between Joplin and Webb City.

Mount Hope Cemetery represents an extremely valuable cultural and historical asset of the Four State area. All of the original founders of the burial ground and some of their descendents are resting in the cemetery today; such family names as Schifferdecker, Rogers, Webb, Chinn, Roney and Murphy.

The cemetery, designed more like a park, claims the highest elevation in Jasper Counter and is known for its scenic vista. The roads and avenues inside the cemetery were designed for horse-drawn carriage traffic and are now wonderful walking trails.

The nine elaborately designed mausoleums, innovative and elegant homes for the departed, forever tribute for those who made our community what it is today.

Don't miss the Memorial Day Ceremony on May 29th to honor those who have served our country to provide us the freedoms we all enjoy today! The ceremony will be held from 10:00 – 10:45am and include a wreath laying at the service plaques on the memorial wall, the playing of Taps, a 21-gun salute and will conclude with a vintage World War II aircraft flyover.

This beautiful park has adorned our metropolis for over 112 years and that's why Mount Hope Cemetery is this month's Four State Founder!

Mount Hope Cemetery
3700 North Range Line Road
Webb City, MO 64870

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